• Repose Mattress Overlay without a cover is lying flat alongside a Repose Pump.
  • Repose Mattress Overlay lying flat without a cover, with a blue base and clear top, with the air cells of Repose running along the length of the overlay.

Repose® Mattress Overlay| Pressure Relief Overlay

Pressure Relief Air Mattress

Pressure Relieving Mattress.

Repose® is a range of reactive, air filled support surfaces, that helps to protect fragile skin from pressure sores or bed sores.

Repose® Mattress Overlay is a pressure-relieving air mattress, for the prevention and treatment of pressure injuries.

Repose® Mattress Overlay is proven to be comfortable and provides effective pressure redistribution1. Suitable for use in hospitals and home care, for use with standard, profiling or domestic beds.

Repose® Mattress Overlay is supplied inside a unique and easy to use manual pump, enabling the overlay to be inflated and ready for use within seconds.

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  1. D. Beeckman et al. (2019), A Multicentre Prospective Randomised Control Trial Comparing the Effectiveness and Cost of a Static Air Mattress and Alternating Air Pressure Mattress to Prevent Pressure Ulcers in Nursing Home Residents. International Journal of Nursing Studies 97: 105–113 
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