Dermisplus™ Prevent FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about our Dermisplus® Prevent solutions

Can Dermisplus™ Prevent Sacrum Pad be used in the swimming pool, bath or shower?
It is important that Dermisplus® Prevent stays in place and therefore it is not indicated for use whilst swimming, bathing or showring.

Is the sacrum pad suitable for coccyx pressure relief?
The sacrum version of the product measures 25cm X 18.5cm X1 cm and is shaped so that the natal cleft/coccyx area is provided with some relief, however this will very much depend on the individual patient. I would suggest however, if the patient has faecal incontinence, care should be taken that the area is checked and cleaned regularly, as faecal matter may become trapped under the pad. Dermisplus® Prevent Sacral can be secured with close fitting underwear or medical tape for up to and including Stage I pressure injury.

What is Dermisplus™ Prevent made of?
Dermisplus® Prevent is made from a tri-polymer gel and mineral oil.

How do I fix Dermisplus™ Prevent in position?
Non-adhesive fixation methods include underwear, Type I and Type II fixation bandages and tubular bandages. Adhesive fixation can be achieved using a silicone tape, which is less aggressive than other types of adhesive tape.