Repositioning is the oldest form of pressure injury prevention and remains to this day, the most important.

Toto® is an automatic turning system, which quietly and gently alters the individuals position.

Suitable for use in both hospital and home care settings, Toto® can be placed underneath most mattresses and is operated using an easy to use digital control unit – Toto Touch.

Experts recommend that individuals spending long periods of time in bed, should be repositioned (or turned) every 2 hours; morning, noon and night, to reduce the risk of the development of pressure injuries1.

Manual patient turning can be very time consuming, ineffective, can introduce risk to carers and patients and might not be well tolerated.

Let Toto take the strain, so you don’t have to. 


How does it work?

Toto® is designed around inflating alternating air cells within a turning platform, which is positioned underneath a mattress. The individual then lies on the mattress and they are turned sideways, via the mattress surface.

The Toto® Touch digital control unit provides customised care with a user-determined side selection feature and accurately timed digital inflation and rest durations (a health care professional must determine the appropriate settings).

The system is compatible with profiling beds and can be used by anyone who is caring for someone who is bedbound.

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