Toto FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about our Toto® solutions

How do I install Toto®?
The platform is installed underneath any mattress and used in conjunction with any bed frame. The design allows Toto® to adapt to a profiled or ‘rise and recline’ position, allowing for universal installation of the product. The Toto® Touch Control Unit is attached to the end of the bed using the integrated hooks and the tubing set is attached to the platform and the control unit.
See Toto® user guide for further information

Is Toto® compatible with slide sheets?
Yes, Toto® can be used in conjunction with slide sheets, though it is recommended that they are removed once manual handling of the patient is completed.

Can Toto® be used in conjunction with bed rails?
Yes, Toto® is compatible with bed rails. Check for clearance from the top of the mattress to the bottom of the bedside (minimum of 185mm) and assess for risk of entrapment. It is recommended that when available, bed rails are utilised.

Is Toto® suitable for use with a patient who is being fed via PEG feed?
As with any medical device, an assessment should be carried out by a trained healthcare professional to ensure the PEG feed equipment does not get trapped and the patient remains comfortable. Please refer to manufacturers guidance.

Can Toto® be used on a double mattress with a partner lying next to the platform?
No, the air cells must be free to inflate uninhibited.

Does it matter which way up Toto® is placed on the bed frame?
Yes, it is essential to install Toto® the correct way up as incorrect installation (i.e. upside down) can cause damage to the air cells. Install with the printing facing uppermost and with the patient’s head and feet corresponding to the diagrams on the cover.

Does it matter which way up the platform is when inserted into the cover?
Yes, it is critical to ensure that the platform is inserted into the cover with the connectors on each corner of the platform secured to the base of the cover.

Is Toto® suitable for use with paediatric patients?
Yes, Toto® is suitable for all patients weighing up to 250kg.

How much power does Toto® control unit require?
Toto® requires a maximum Current of 0.2A/0.3A Frequency 50Hz and 230 AC voltage.

How much does Toto® cost to run?
Default settings and moving 75kg of weight, the control unit uses 0.047kWh of electricity per 24hrs. When testing the product in its most arduous conditions (30 minute cycle times) the control unit uses 0.049kWh per 24hrs.
This information is a guide only. Electricity prices vary from region to region and users should check their own tariffs.

Toto Cost Table

The hooks for the control unit do not fit the end of the bed, what should I do?
The Toto® Touch control unit can be located on the side of the bed or placed directly onto the floor if the bed end is too wide for the hooks.

The air cells are not inflating, why?
There could be several reasons why the air cells are not inflating from issues with the control unit or damage to the air cells. Please consult the troubleshooting guide in the user guide section for more detail.

The alarm is sounding, and the LED’s are lit, what’s the reason?
There could be several reasons why the alarm is sounding from issues with the control unit or damage to the air cells. Please consult the troubleshooting guide in the user guide section for more detail.

Can Toto® be used in conjunction with positioning wedges and/or pillows?
No, Toto® must not be used where patients must be supported by wedges or pillows.

Does Toto® contain latex?
No, none of the components in the Toto® system contains latex

Can Toto® be used with patients who have a spinal injury?
Toto® is not indicated for use with patients with unstable spinal fractures.

What are the preferred timing intervals for turning?
Inflation and rest durations should be determined by a healthcare professional.

How do I clean Toto®?
Toto® can be cleaned using commonly found cleaning products. Refer to the Instructions for use document provided with the product for full details and instructions.

How should the patient be positioned on the platform?
Patients should be positioned along the centre line of the mattress by aligning the patient's nose with the centre point of the headboard.

Can Toto® be used on its own, without a mattress?
No, Toto® is designed for use with any type of mattress, apart from pocket sprung domestic mattresses.

Do you know the exact time the patient stays on his back between left side and right side turning?
Inflation and deflation of the air cells when using the latest pump and platform takes an average of 2.5 minutes which varies slightly depending on the users’ body weight. There is no lag-time between the pump switching from left to right, as the left air cell starts to deflate, the right air cell begins to inflate simultaneously.
This causes the patient to be gently transferred from one side to another without spending any time resting stationary on their back.