About Frontier

About Frontier


Whether you are a patient, family or carer coping with care at home or a healthcare professional involved in skin and wound care, we are here to support you.


Our Mission

For over 50 years, Frontier has supported healthcare providers on their mission to improve outcomes, with a portfolio of clinically-proven brands and a dedicated team of specialists.

Our team strives to provide solutions that improve outcomes, and this is fundamental to our core values. Every Frontier employee plays a vital role in supporting this mission and providing you with the best experience possible.

Established in 1966, what started as a small plastics moulding factory nestled in the heart of South Wales, Frontier quickly became an organisation focused on reducing the impact of increasing demands being placed on the healthcare environment.




Our Solutions

Through continuous engagement with healthcare professionals and care givers, together, we have launched a series of solutions for pressure redistribution and lateral patient turning, reducing the impact of the unique problems faced in todays' challenging healthcare environment.

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A clinically proven range of air-filled support surfaces, that helps to protect fragile skin from pressure damage, providing peace of mind for patients, families and health care professionals alike


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An automatic lateral turning system designed to assist with patient repositioning, consisting of a control unit and turning platform which is fitted beneath the patients’ mattress.


A range of pressure redistribution pads, strips and tubing to help reduce the risk of pressure damage, including that which is related to medical devices.


*Frontier Medical Group, based in Tredegar, South Wales, UK, is a market leading provider of a range of specialist medical devices to healthcare professionals and end users internationally. Frontier’s products contribute significantly to the safety and wellbeing of end users and patients, specifically in Skin & Wound Care.

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