Repose® Flex

Floating Heels and Reduced Risk of DVT

Repose® is a range of reactive, air filled support surfaces, that helps to protect fragile skin from damage.

Repose® Flex fully off-loads the heels, while also taking care of the knee, by placing it in a 5°-10° bend, which helps to reduce the risk of developing a deep vein thrombosis (DVT).

Repose Flex follows the shape of the calf, which means pressure is redistributed across the surface of the lower leg, protecting the Achilles tendon.

Repose Flex is positioned at the foot end of the bed and can be attached to the mattress with the integrated strap.

Repose Flex is supplied inside a unique and easy to use pump, enabling the Flex to be inflated and ready for use within seconds.  The integrated Smart valve ensures correct inflation.

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  • $69.97