• Repose® Care-Sit
  • Repose® Care-Sit

Repose® Care-Sit

For Sitting Safely and Comfortably in a Wheelchair or Chair.

Repose® is a range of reactive, air filled support surfaces, that helps to protect fragile skin from damage.

Repose® Care-Sit is a seating system for static chairs and wheelchairs. The seat and back sections work together to protect not only the buttocks, but also the back and spine against pressure injury.

It also provides high levels of comfort for individuals spending prolonged periods in a static chair or wheelchair.

Repose® Care-Sit consists of two separate sections, each fitted with its own valve.

Repose® Care-Sit is supplied inside a unique and easy to use pump, enabling the seating system to be inflated and ready for use within seconds. The integrated Smart valve ensures correct inflation. 

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  • $173.97